Other Campus Cat Web Sites

Campus Cat web sites

Stanford University      http://www.stanford.edu/group/CATNET/

St. Mary’s University, San Antonio    http://library.stmarytx.edu/acadlib/circ/Paw/ForPaws.html

Trinity University, San Antonio   http://www.trinity.edu/departments/physical_plant/CAT%20Alliance.html

Texas A&M, College Station   http://www.cvm.tamu.edu/afcat/

George Mason University   http://masoncats.gmu.edu/index.html

University of Texas, Austin   http://www.ae.utexas.edu/cats/

University of Texas, Arlington   http://www.uta.edu/campuscats/

University of North Texas, Denton   http://orgs.unt.edu/feralcat/

Southern Methodist University, Dallas   http://smu.edu/cats

California Polytech   http://cla.calpoly.edu/~bmori/cats/Catsweb.html

University of Washington, Seattle   http://campuscats.org/

North Carolina State University, Raleigh NC   http://www.operationcatnip.org

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