▸ February 13, 2019

We held a fundraising event of selling stuffed animals, T-shirts, and pet mats for Valentine’s Day at the Sombrilla from 11am -1:30pm on February 13, 2019. One of our members made all of the wonderful kitty items by donating the materials and her time. There was a great turnout, selling almost everything.

▸ December, 2018

Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays!

▸ November 28, 2018

We finally had a kitty event to support Global Cat Day in the Sombrilla today. We had information about community resources for cats, lots of adorable stuffed kitties and cat beds, RRCC t-shirts and bags, and greeting cards with photos of some of our beautiful campus kitties. We also had donation jars to vote for your favorite campus kitty to be Santa’s Helper Kitty, which included Harry, Charlie, Lucifer, Speedy, and Cindy. Speedy has raised the most donations and became Santa’s Helper Kitty this year! Thanks to our generous supporters and RRCC volunteers, it was a very successful fund-raising event for our kitties!

▸ October 30, 2018

Due to the weather forecast of rain, this event has been cancelled. It will be rescheduled for sometime in November or early December.

Global Cat Day 2018

Global Cat Day 2018

Global Cat Day 2018

Global Cat Day 2018

Global Cat Day 2018

Global Cat Day 2018

Global Cat Day 2018

▸ February 12, 2018

We had a successful fundraiser, selling a lot of adorable stuffed kitties, at the Sombrilla from noon to 2pm on Monday, 2/12/2018.

Stuffed kitties for 2018 Valentine fundraising event

Stuffed kitties for 2018 Valentine fundraising event

▸ December, 2017

Happy Holidays!


2017 RRCC X-mas Card

▸ October 16, 2017

What a great day we had to celebrate Global Cat Day! It was a huge success with our magnificent team effort. And the results are in for Homecoming Kitty….Our adorable kitten Bandit beat out Harry, CJ, Arthur, and Foxy.

Bandit, 2017 RRCC Homecoming Kitty

Bandit, 2017 RRCC Homecoming Kitty

In addition to raising awareness of feral cats including our UTSA cats, we had an awesome fund-raising event. Again, our loyal mascot “Harley” drew lots of admirers and had many photos taken!
Thank you everyone who came by the table to support RRCC and UTSA kitties and those who voted for Homecoming Kitty!

▸ October 14, 2017

Please join us in celebrating 2017 Global Cat Day on Monday, October 16, from 11am to 2pm at the Sombrilla area. The event includes the following:

  • Literature about caring feral cats, TNR, and local resources for kitties
  • Homecoming Kitty contest
  • Kitty pillows, toys, cookies, a selection of the RRCC greeting cards on sale
  • “Harley” our adorable black and white kitty mascot will make an appearance and will be available for photos!
2017 Global Cat Day

2017 Global Cat Day

▸ January 19, 2017

An article on our UTSA Kitties and RRCC was published in The Paisano, UTSA Student Newspaper, on January 17, 2017. The article,
“DomestiCATed: Faculty volunteer to care for cats on campus”, is now available online:

Photos featured in the Paisano article

Gray Mama & Charlie

Gray Mama & Charlie


Harry, Chap Cat, having snacks

▸ December, 2016

Happy Holidays!
The RRCC 2016_newsletter

Happy Holidays!

▸ October, 2016

We celebrated 2016 National Feral Cat Day on Friday, October 14, 2016.

▸ December, 2015

Happy Holidays!
⇒ The 2015 RRCC Newsletter is available here

2015 RRCC X-mas Card

2015 RRCC Christmas card

▸ October, 2015

The Roadrunner Cat Coalition at UTSA hosted an event as part of “National Feral Cat Day” (Alley Cat Allies; http://www.alleycat.org) on October 16, 2015. Harry won the Homecoming Kitty title with a good margin, but Snowball and JB had strong backing also!!!


Harry, Homecoming Kitty 2015

1. Harry     2. Snowball    3. JB     4. Shadow     5. Speedy     6. “Harley”

We also did great on card sales, calendar sales and received a few general donations.  Plus the PAWS group helped us with fund raising by selling sparker drinks.

Thanks to everyone who came by the table to support us and those who voted for Homecoming Kitty!!!

Photos from the 2015 National Feral Cat Day celebration:

▸ February, 2015

Our group and kitties are featured in Paisano, February 17-24, 2015, “What’s with all the cats on campus?” Cat Coalition helps felines find their purr-manent homes.

Photos featured in the Paisano article

Cappy & Arthur

Cappy and Arthur in their shelters, Dec 30, 2014


Pumpkin, June 2011 @ the tunnel

▸ December, 2014

Happy Holidays! The 2014 RRCC Newsletter is available here

Merry Christmas!

▸ October, 2014

NationalFeralCatDay_10_2014Thanks for your support of our National Feral Cat Day celebration. It was a big success! The RRCC gave out literature about caring for feral cats, and to raise awareness of our own feral cat population. We even had one of our members dressed up in a cat costume as our spokeskitty! By far, this was the most popular part of our event. Dr. Romo stopped by and had his picture taken with the “cat.” About 40-50 students also took pictures with the cat!
See more photos from the 2014 National Feral Cat Day celebration

National Feral Cat Day

KittyKelly, Dr. Romo, Amy, and Pat

▸ May, 2014

Cool Cats on Campus — Cats living at University of Texas at San Antonio are earning degrees in TNR and Colony Management
Read the article featured in the May 2014 issue of Cat Fancy Magazine



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