In early March 2021, Hobbs appeared by the patio in the Chaparral Village site. We thought she was a boy until we trapped her on June 5 and got her fixed. It turned out that she had kittens very recently and had been lactating.  She is about 1.5 years old and weighed 7 pounds.  

A few days later, our members got an email from a UTSA Police officer, Sgt. Ralph, about the kittens she found in the Police compound area — Hobbs’ 4 kittens (two Calicos, two gray/brown tabbies). She took them home and provided great care for the little ones for a couple of day before one of our members took them over to foster on Thursday, June 10.

Hobbs was released to her feeding area at Chaparral Village on Saturday, June 12. Her kittens had their first visit with a vet on Thursday, June 17. They were about 6 weeks old and three girls and one boy. They weighed 1.3-1.5 pounds and will be ready for their first shots in about three weeks. Many thanks go to Sgt Ralph and the RRCC members who have rescued Hobbs and her kittens.

Hobbs' kittens: Patches, Boots, Wig Wag, and Einstein
Hobbs’ kittens: Patches, Boots, Wig Wag, and Einstein

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