Rusty & Her Kittens

Happily Adopted – See also (by adoption year): ➤ Pre-2010   ➤ 2010   ➤ 2011   ➤ 2012   ➤ 2013   ➤ 2014   ➤ 2015  ➤ 20162017201820192020

Rusty gave birth to 6 kittens – 3 girls and 3 boys – on campus on July 1, 2014. Her three girls (Snowflake, Lily, and Cali) are Calico tabbies and three boys (Oliver, Cheeto, and Toulouse) are orange tabbies like their mama. They all found wonderful, loving homes and are happy to show off here how much they have grown in their first year of life. Rusty has been spayed and is healthy and happy, hanging out with her best buddy Rocky near Road Runner’s Cafe on campus. (Click any of the pictures below to see them all in a photo gallery.)

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