Emma’s family

Happily Adopted – See also (by adoption year): ➤ Pre-2010   ➤ 2010   ➤ 2011   ➤ 2012   ➤ 2013   ➤ 2014   ➤ 2015  ➤ 20162017201820192020

Emma appeared at the Ximenes Ave Garage on May 3, 2013 and was a tiny kitten, less than one pound. Staff from Undergraduate Admissions spotted her first, but were not able to catch her as she was fast for a little kitten. She ran under a car in the garage and then went up into the engine. Luckily, since they saw where she went, they were able to track down the staff member whose car it was. He came out and opened the hood of his car, and there was Emma sitting on the engine! After having been fostered by one of our RRCC members, we found a wonderful home for her.

Click any of the pictures below to see them all in a photo gallery. …… Emma …… Bailey …… Stormy ……Back to 2013 Adoption

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