Boots & Whiskers for Adoption

Update 8/27/2016: Whiskers went to his permanent home today, adopted by a UTSA employee.
Update: We found a permanent home for Boots. Whiskers still needs a permanent home.

After having been informed of two kittens in the parking lot between the GSR building and the Tobin Garage in the morning of July 20, 2016, we were able to trap them in the afternoon. They were temporarily named Boots and Whiskers. They are both short-haired and Boots has white on the face/legs and Whiskers is solid dark gray. These kittens would not have survived long out there in the heat.

They were pretty scared when they were first picked up, but the first foster mom did some magic in getting them used to being loved. Now at the second foster home, they are being loved and playful more and more. While they are getting ready to be checked out by a veterinarian, we want to find forever homes for them. We would love for them to go together as Whiskers is rather shy without his brother, but realize that might not be possible. Please share the pictures with others so that we can find loving homes for them.

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