2016 National Feral Cat Day

RRCC members celebrated 2016 National Feral Cat Day (October 16, 2016) by hosting our tabling event on Friday, October 14, from 10am – 2pm in the Sombrilla. Like the last couple of years, a lot of students, faculty, and staff took pictures with HARLEY, the life sized kitty. Rowdy also joined HARLEY to pose for a picture this year! We had the following activities for the event:

  • Contest for Homecoming Kitty by getting donations in the contestants’ individual jars: Arthur, Polly, Harry, Billy, and Cindy. Our Homecoming Kitty winner was Arthur and Polly was a VERY close second, followed by Harry, the 2015 Homecoming Kitty.
  • Sold RRCC note cards, sodas/water, and cat toys
  • Handed out literature on feral cat
  • Our mascot HARLEY, the life sized kitty, helped get awareness of feral cats & UTSA cats to the UTSA community members and took a lot pictures with them.
  • Set up a trap with toy kitty on the table for display
  • Thanks to everyone who came by the table to support us and those who donated for Homecoming Kitty!!!
    Click any of the pictures below to see all photos in a photo gallery.

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