Update on 12/13/2016: We are very sorry to share this sad news. Billy was killed in the service drive last night or early this morning. We had him cremated and will be spreading his ashes on the hill under the bridge where he mostly hung out. We are so thankful that UTSA Grounds/Facilities staff keep an eye out for our kitties and let us know what happened to Billy. He was the youngest of any of our campus kitties. Billy was such a character and we loved him – R.I.P. sweet, crazy boy…

Billy is a short-haired black/white kitty. He appeared at Science in the summer of 2015 and kept returning in the evenings. He would run away so fast like a bullet each time we spotted him. He has very distinctive markings on his face and tail– black mustaches on his face and a white tail tip. He looked about 5-6 months old when he first showed up at Science in 2015. He has moved around all feeding sites on campus but may have settled in Business site, with daily evening visits to the Convo/PE site. He is so smart, agile, curious, and energetic that we could not get him fixed yet.

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