Gray Mama

We are mourning the loss of Gray Mama, one of the oldest kitties here on campus, who died of renal failure on March 23, 2017. She may have been about 13-14 years old – she was already an adult when we started taking care of the kitties and had already multiple kittens by then. After we were finally able to trap her on July 4, 2011 and get her fixed, she just blossomed – gained weight, seemed very happy and had a really good life at Chaparral Village. She was an iconic campus cat for the RRCC members and we dearly miss her. Rest in peace, Gray Mama…
Gray Mama is a petite gray and white girl who has a lot of “attitude!” It took us forever to trap her – she is a wily one! Before we got her fixed she had numerous litters of darling kittens – BeBe is one of her sons – he still hangs out with her at CV.

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