Update: On November 20, 2017, Bandit was adopted by a RRCC member who also adopted JB (2017), Cappy (2015), Nellie (2014), Kelly (2014), and Obie (2010). He has settled in his new home nicely.
Bandit is a new grey kitten at the UC3 site where Snowball hangs out. He showed up in mid-July at the tunnel site with his two sisters whom we were able to trap and a couple of our members have been fostering. They looked about 12-14 weeks old and were already ear-tipped (fixed) at that time. We had not seen him for about two weeks since they first showed up, but found out that he was nicely settling in at the UC3 feeding site. Since then, he has blossomed beautifully and became friendly. He is very playful and seems getting along with Snowball and even with other wild animals.

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