January 15, 2018 – Our sweet Pumpkin crossed over the Rainbow Bridge today. He was so well loved up until the end. One of our RRCC members did an admirable job caring for him this past month or so but in spite of the very best care from both her and the vet, he could not shake whatever mysterious malady that plagued him. Hopefully he has joined his friends Tiger, Tom-Tom, Gray Mama, Billy, Sammie, and his other UTSA brothers and sisters who crossed before him. We can take comfort in knowing he had a pretty long (about 11 years) and happy life here on campus and his last days were filled with love and caring. Thanks to everyone who cared for and loved our Pumpkin! We will plan a brief time to spread his ashes at the Tunnel soon.


In memory of sweet Pumpkin

Pumpkin Memorial Stone

Pumpkin Memorial Stone @ UC Tunnel

Pumpkin is a cutie pie – an orange tabby. He loves to hang out with the other “tunnel” kitties –  Polly and Speedy

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