December 23, 2019: Our sweet Speedy passed away very unexpectedly last night, which may have been caused by a heart attack. When Speedy became very sick about a year and a half ago, her human mom took her home and nursed her back to health. The vet was amazed that Speedy was able to come back and was doing so well. Thanks to her mom’s love and diligent care, she had a wonderful last year and a half living the good life as a very loved, pampered indoor kitty. So many thanks to her mom for her love and care for Speedy. We will get a stone for her to place by the tunnel next to her buddy, Pumpkin. RIP, our sweet Speedy.

11/16/2018: Speedy is just a bit over 10 pounds now. She’s got muscle back on her and is now the dominant cat of all female kitties in the house. Her hair is slowly growing back and she likes balls with bells to chase.She also attacks any type of cord or string-like structures. Her vet is pretty confident she is in/going to go into remission!

10/26/2018: Speedy’s vet visit for her 3rd chemo treatment. Weighed 7.2 pounds. Given her weight gain and appetite, the vet is optimistic that she will go into remission. Great news!
9/27/2018: Speedy’s vet visit for a check-up and her 2nd chemo treatment. Speedy weighed 6.2 pounds and her blood test results were excellent.

September 6, 2018: When Speedy was taken to a clinic for grooming her seriously matted hair on August 2, we learned that she lost a tremendous amount of weight, weighing only 4.7 pounds. To get her diagnosed, the vet went through extensive tests including comprehensive blood tests, fical examinations, and a biopsy on her small intestine. The biopsy results indicated that Speedy has developed low-grade intestinal lymphoma. She began taking oral chemotherapy treatment on August 31. One of our RRCC members has graciously agreed to become her “permanent foster” and take care of her. She’s since been enjoying indoor life and the company of her feline friends in her new home.
Speedy is a stunning calico who hangs out with Polly in the UC area – she got her name because of her lightening speed as a kitten! Speedy was born to Big Mama, a large fluffy Calico who lived at the UC Wall with Polly, on campus in the fall of 2005.

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