Update on May 26, 2020: It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of Snowball this morning. Extreme renal failure caused her to be euthanized. Snowball was over 13 years old and had a good long life for an outdoor kitty and lived life on her own terms! Many thanks to her human mom for giving her a wonderful last few months at her home and taking such good care of her. RIP, Snowball. We love and miss you…

On January 12, 2020, we were able to catch Snowball for clean-up and check-up with a veterinarian. It was long overdue, but we were very happy to get her to check in with the vet. Although she was covered with fleas and a lot of hair mats, she was relatively healthy, weighing 5.2 pounds. She is getting adjusted to indoor life as one of our RRCC members is taking care of her at her home. Although she has been feral for all 13 years of her life, she seems very docile and started liking to be petted and purring, which is absolutely amazing.

Snowball (born approx. at the end of 2006) is a beautiful fluffy white female with striking blue eyes – she is very shy and a loner, so you won’t see her much. Her father was Marmalade



and her mother was a big white kitty with blue eyes who lived at the Convo for a while. Unfortunately Snowball was hit by a car at the corner of Brackenridge Ave and Ximenes Ave (by the South Parking Garage) on April 2, 2014, but we could not catch her to help treat the injuries despite our concerted efforts. After nursing her injured leg on her own for about 3 weeks, she started showing up at her feeding station again, walking with a permanent limp.

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