January 14, 2020: We are so sad to report that sweet Sylvester passed away yesterday. Sylvester was a survivor and made a miraculous recovery with our member Kathy’s love and care from being trapped in a confined area nearly for two months in 2012. He had a wonderful life with Kathy and will be missed greatly. We think he was about 13 years old. We thank Kathy for giving him such a good home, care and love. RIP, sweet Sylvester…

Sylvester went missing in early January, 2012. He is a faithful kitty, and had been at his spot to eat almost every single day for a couple of years, so for him to not show was strange, some of our others disappear for a few days from time to time, but not Sylvester! Sylvester is one of our tame feral cats, probably having strayed from a very loving home to our campus. Well, he’d been missing from his feeding spot for nearly 2 months. We had hoped someone had picked him up and adopted him. We were wrong. In March, we received a call from Dr. Norman, with Mathematics, saying he thought he heard a cat meowing under the Science Building. We were able to go into the confined area under the road under the Science and McKinney Humanities Building where they heard the meowing. This is a confined area under the road, which is huge and only accessible by a couple of doors that only Facilities can open. We found Sylvester in there! We assume he had gone in there one of the very cold days in January and gotten himself locked in. He was in there for at least 2 months with no food (from what we could tell, and very little water – if any). We got him out and to the vet immediately. He had gone from 12+ lbs to 6 lbs, but was in remarkably good shape for being trapped that long. Thank goodness for his meow and for Dr. Norman, who took the time to notice it and call us. Sylvester is now happy and healthy and back to his original weight and living in the home of one of our group members–He is a true survivor.

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