On January 5, 2020, we were able to trap Fluffy as we had been noticing some kind of injury on her shoulder, which made her hard to get around. We took her in to a veterinarian clinic and got her thoroughly examined. She had some soft tissue damage on her right front paw and it was treated. She lost almost all her teeth and the remaining teeth were all broken, which had to be extracted. Other than that, she was very healthy and the vet was very impressed with her health. Being a feral kitty all her 13 years of life, she was very scared and mad at staying indoors during her recuperation. We released her back on campus on January 12. She seemed very happy to be home and looks healthy.

Fluffy, January 12, 2020

Fluffy on returning to campus, January 12, 2020

A lovely, long-haired tortoise shell, Fluffy (born approx. at the end of 2006) likes to hang out at the Business site with her cousins, Sonny and CJ. She is Tortie Mama’s daughter.

Tortie Mama

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