Sage (born in approx. 2015) is a short-haired, black male kitty and has been around in the UC/Convo area since January, 2018. He was mainly staying in the UC3 area, but we have recently noticed that he hangs out with Arthur and Lucifer in the PE/Convo area. We were able to trap him on April 15 and got him neutered and shots on April 16, 2018. He is about 3 years old and weighed in 8.5 pounds.

12/21/2018: Sage may have gone up to the roof of the Convocation Center walkway sometime on Saturday, 12/15/2018, through the tree branches, but obviously he could not figure out how to get down. We did not see him Sunday and Monday at his feeding spot, which was very unusual. On Tuesday night, one of his feeders heard him by the storage shed just outside the Convo Center and called the UTSA PD for help. While we were looking for a way to unlock the storage, one of the police officers spotted him on the roof. Since then, we had tried to rescue him without success until Friday. We also made a ramp using two 16-foot boards for him to get down on Friday, but it may have taken some time for him to figure out it’s safe to walk down that way. In the mean time, we contacted UTSA Facilities to get a lift and finally were able to get him out of the roof around 2pm on Friday, 12/21/2018. Since then, he’s happy to be on the ground and hang out with his buddies.

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