November, 2021: Rocky has been having a severe allergy that causes sores on his nose, muzzle, and his front left leg as well as thinning of the fur on his back. We have been treating it as we can but the symptoms have gotten more seriously. He is now under the care of one of our members at her house and getting treatments from the vet regularly. He is responding to the treatments well and the vet is very pleased with his progress.
Rocky (born in approx. 2013) is a grey/white, medium-haired kitty who hangs out with Rusty and Charlie by the Roadrunner Cafe at Chaparral Village. He is so beautiful that we were mistaken him as a girl and called him “Roxy” until we learned otherwise when he was trapped/neutered early November 2013. At that time, he was about 9 months old.

*Click any of the pictures below to see them all larger.


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