In Loving Memory of Rusty

In Loving Memory of Rusty

December 21, 2021: Sadly and unexpectedly, Rusty crossed the Rainbow Bridge this morning while recovering, after getting treatments for a severe upper respiratory infection on Friday. Unfortunately, she did not respond to the medicine over the weekend at all and continued to go downhill. The vet thought that she probably had some other underlying serious condition that we did not know about and that the infection put her over the edge. We are thankful that Rusty was safely trapped on Thursday after our members spent a great deal of time and effort to locate her since we knew that she was not feeling well and had not seen her for a few days. We find some peace and comfort knowing that she stayed warm and safe indoors under the care of one of our members, at least for her last few days. We all miss and love you, Rusty. Rest in peace.

Rusty(born in approx. 2013) was just a little kitten when she showed up at Chaparral Village in October 2013.  In fact, we thought  she was a boy until we discovered her 6 adorable kittens in early August 2014. We found homes for all her kittens and Rusty has been spayed.



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