December 2022– Arthur was last seen on the night of Halloween, October 31. We had looked for him over a month in the area where he used to hang out or hide. At this time, we have determined that he crossed the Rainbow Bridge after living as a Roadrunner kitty in the Convo and PE area for almost 15 years. Being a 14-year-old, outdoor kitty, Arthur was not in his best health, but he did not look too bad before his disappearance. As he was losing weight, we checked him in with a vet and got his shots updated at the end of June. Other than some dental work to be done, he was a healthy adult cat. We are so sorry and sad that he was all alone presumably for the last hours and moments of life. He’s had a happy life with his buddies, especially Lucifer, for such a long time on campus. Lucifer misses him dearly and feels lonely without him around.
We miss and love you, Arthur. RIP, sweet Arthur…

Arthur & Lucifer

Arthur & Lucifer

Arthur's brother, BeBe & their mom, Gray Mama

Arthur’s brother, BeBe (d.2018), and their mom, Gray Mama (d.2017)

Arthur (born in approx. March, 2008) is one of Gray Mama‘s babies, born in the same litter as BeBe in the spring of 2008 at Chaparral Village. BeBe and Arthur had been relocated in the Convo area after having been neutered, but BeBe went back to C.V. to be with his mama. Arthur has grown up with Lucifer and Cheeto like siblings and they all hang out together. Arthur is very shy but loves to be petted.

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