December 25, 2022 — One of our evening feeders found Foxy laying on the Business Service Road in the late afternoon, not being able to move his back legs. His feeder immediately took him to an emergency clinic to get him checked in with a vet. He was not run over a car, but had blood clots, preventing him from moving his legs. He may have some heart problem causing the blood clots. After consultations with the vet, it was decided that it’s best to get him euthanized. We are very sad to see him go but thankful knowing that he did not suffer with his conditions in the freezing cold and was not alone when crossing the rainbow bridge. He will be greatly missed by his best buddies, Chloe and Tigger, and by all his feeders at the Business site. RIP, Foxy — we miss and love you.

April 26, 2020 — Foxy has been fighting with the new kitties at the Business site, Tigger and Rebel, over a month. He has a bad wound behind his left ear and has not been healed as he keeps fighting. Thanks to the persistent efforts by one of our members over the past few weeks, we were able to trap him this morning. He will be taken to a vet tomorrow to get his wound checked and treated.
April 27, 2020 — According to the veterinarian, Foxy’s injury behind his left ear was caused by his scratching due to ear mites. He has been treated and released to the site.

Foxy (born in approx. 2015) showed up at the Business site in the early summer of 2016. He is a short-haired, orange-white kitty. We finally were able to trap him on 3/19/17 and got him fixed. The vet said that he is about 1 year old, weighing 11 ½ pounds.

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